We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the few companies in I.T. industry, offering advanced solutions in the area of servicing. Our company was established in the year 1991, named as K A ELECTRONICS under the joint partnership of Sri S Aditya Rao and Sri K Kiran Kumar, has grown over the years engaged in giving the best of services in the field of servicing.

Initially, the mission of the company was to achieve growth with stability. Naturally, the company was just as any other progressing company striving for the best services to be offered to customers. A sincere attempt is made to get the customer, prospects of utmost customer satisfaction. Because we always believed a good service and courtesy to the customer always ensured satisfaction to both. Much has been done for the expansion of business and to earn goodwill simultaneously. Today, we do have expanded and here we are, ready to undergo any assignment better than it was ever done before. We have kindled the attention and hold convincing evidence that all corporate, associated with us have appreciated our honest and qualitative service.

It gives immense pleasure to state that we are one among the best sellers of service and having a record of recognition of outstanding performance in meeting customer requirements in each and every instance then and now and definitely continue so in future. Judging from the good wishes, our company has received from our old and existing customers, KAE will stand truly to be worthy of our clientele business. It is now our heritage. There it stands…

Rome was not built in a day, so do KA Electronics as is evident of its steady growth all these years.

Our Mission

To achieve growth with stability through satisfied customers. We always believe to give good service to the customer and ensure satisfaction to our customers. We are committed to being a truly global organization in providing IT services by upholding the value system and following ethical business practices. We ensure customer satisfaction while encouraging team participation by being an employer of choice.

What makes K A ELECTRONICS the company it is today are the Core Values and Beliefs that are adhered to by one and all in the organization. The company values credibility and trust above everything else in all its interactions. We follow rules, norms, and procedures, not only to the letter, but in spirit as well. Our heritage is that the good wishes, our company has received from our old and existing customers, KAE will stand truly to be worthy of our clientele business.


  • Networking Components
  • Storage Products
  • Cables & Convertors
  • Defence Applications
  • Electrical Products
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    K A Electronics provides Component Level Repairs and Services for Moniters(TFT & CRT) – All Brands & Size, Laptops, Hubs, Switches, Routers, all power Electronics Related products
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    We are committed to offering our clients a great technological proposition as we define ourselves as an Electronics company in the market today.

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